Dec 29, 2017

How to allow Skype through Sophos UTM

1. Purpose

  to use Skype with Sophos UTM Home Edition

2. Assumption

  The UTM has been configured and utilized for web surfing without issues

3. Configuration Procedure

3-1. Definitions & Users -> Network Definitions

  Define all IPs for Skype relay hosts.


3-2. Definitions & Users -> Service Definitions

  Define all ports for Skype relay hosts (except 443/tcp, which is already defined for web surfing)


3-3. Network Protection -> Firewall

  allow outbound Service in [3-2] to the hosts in [3-1]
  for VPN users { not VPN Pool (L2TP, SSL),
  which didn't work in my environment }

3-4. Further Notes

  NO 45541 tcp/udp definition is necessary < -- verified on 30.Dec

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