Sep 21, 2017

Priform "CCleaner"がマルコード入りの上、デジタル署名されていた件

・システムメンテナンスツール「CCleanerが改竄の被害、ユーザー情報を外部送信 (09/19)

 Morphisec Discovers CCleaner Backdoor Saving Millions of Avast Users (09/18)
the executables were signed by the original Piriform company」だと

 CCleanup: A Vast Number of Machines at Risk (09/18)
The presence of a valid digital signature on the malicious CCleaner binary may be indicative of a larger issue that resulted in portions of the development or signing process being compromised. 

Piriform was the company that Avast recently acquired and was the original company who developed the CCleaner software application.

マルウエアが仕込まれた「CCleanerが配布されていた問題 (09/20)

Bluetoothの脆弱性「BlueBorne」、数十億台のデバイスに影響 (09/19)

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